Hunting Lease

Listed below are tracts that TimberCorp Services, Inc. clients have available for lease for recreational hunting.

We typically enter three-year leases with clubs or individuals that wish to lease our clients’ lands.  Leases renew on June 1 or July 1, depending on the client.  Some of our clients provide liability insurance for clubs that lease their land, whereas other clients require clubs to purchase liability insurance and provide proof of insurance.

An example of a typical Hunting Lease Agreement can be viewed here: Hunting Lease Agreement.pdf. An Exhibit B: Membership form can be downloaded here: Exhibit B: Membership.

 If you wish to inspect a tract that is available for lease, you must complete and return a Temporary Access Agreement form to us (available here: Temporary Access Agreement).  You may fax, mail or scan and email the completed form to us.  You must contact our office to confirm that the form has been received by us before you enter the property.  No one is permitted to enter our clients’ properties without a signed Temporary Access Agreement on file with TimberCorp Services, Inc..

 For more information, contact our hunting lease administrator, Jenni White, or (601) 591-4006.

Up-to-date Available Tract Information:

Tract name will direct you to the Location Map & Aerial Photo: