Timberland Brokerage

If you want to sell all or part of your timberland, TimberCorp can help.

  • We will expose your land to as many potential buyers as possible, using our subsidiary, Timberland Sales, LLC, and through our own extensive buyers list and by cooperating with other professional brokers throughout the country.
  • Through our real estate brokerage services, we work hard to make sure you get top dollar for your land.
  • Timberland Sales (our real estate marketing company) consisits of five brokers who are all registered foresters and members of the Association of Consulting Foresters.
    • If you want to buy timberland, we can work as your agent to help you locate and assess timberland tracts to meet your needs.
    • We have offices in Brandon, Hattiesburg, Monticello, and Starkville