TimberCorp, Inc. is a full-service land management company specializing in forest management assistance to non-industrial and institutional forest owners. We are located in central Mississippi and offer our services to a broad geographic area, which routinely includes all of Mississippi and portions of Alabama, Louisiana, and Arkansas. We can travel to any location and have worked as far away as Alaska.

TimberCorp was founded in 1989 by Steve Butler. The company began by catering to small non-industrial private landowners, as well as bank trust departments that managed timberland. Over the years, TimberCorp’s services expanded to include significant work with institutional investors and Timber Investment Management Organizations (TIMOs)

TimberCorp is headquartered in Brandon, Mississippi. The company currently has eight employees, including four foresters.

What is your timber worth? How can you get the maximum price for it? When should you sell? Where are the best markets for selling? By utilizing TimberCorp, you’ll know the answers to these questions. Our team of forestry experts is experienced and well trained to assist you. Whether your goal is to sell and receive the absolute highest price possible, or to develop your forest for recreation, or a combination of these, you owe it to yourself to get the most out of your timberland.

Studies Show that landowners who utilize a consultant receive as much as 50-percent greater return on their timber. Further studies prove that a well-managed stand can grow timber three to five times more valuable than the same stand if left unmanaged. For these reasons, the earlier you contact your full-time timber management experts, the greater your pay-off will be.

Our fee structure is flexible to best meet the needs of our clients. We offer a choice of pricing structures including hourly rates, a per-acre charge, a contract price, or a commission on sales and leases.

Your timberland could be your most valuable renewable asset. Without proper management, many years of development may be needlessly wasted. With proper management and marketing, it can become one of your most productive assets. TimberCorp is ready to help you make these important decisions.

In 2023, TimberCorp Inc was acquired by TIMCO Companies and renamed TimberCorp Services, Inc. Based out of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, TIMCO was founded by Chad Anderson who is a forester, broker, commercial pesticide applicator and member of The Association of Consulting Foresters.  TIMCO significantly expands the capabilities of TimberCorp.
TIMCO and its subsidiaries offer turnkey reforestation including aerial and ground herbicide applications, tree planting through TimcoAcre and additional foresters through Timco Managers ( Timco Investment Managers Company). Back Forty Solutions offers contract forest management services to military base land holdings and the US Forest Service. TimberCorp Services, Inc. Real Estate provides real estate brokerage services.
The combination of these companies expands TimberCorp’s capabilities to handle all aspects of forest management to landowners and investors on a much larger scale, while still catering to  landowners with smaller acreages.