Chad Anderson, Owner

-Graduated in 1994 from Mississippi State University, College of Forest Resources with a BS in Forestry & Wildlife Management

-Joined Timberland Enterprises, a Forest Herbicide Distributor and Applicator as a Forest Market Manager to private landowners in Mississippi/Louisiana.  Served in this capacity for 7 years.

-Started & managed the Arkansas Office for Forest Resource Consultants from 2003 to 2005.  Worked as Account Manager on an investment grade timberland asset owned by Arkansas Teacher’s Retirement Fund.

-In 2008, founded the first Forestry Consulting Firm in Mississippi, that is totally dedicated to assisting timberland owners in reforestation recommendations & silvicultural services.

-Launched a ground application company in 2014, that specialized in skidder applications for forestry practices.  In 2018, this enterprise migrated to aerial application and currently operates two Bell Jetranger helicopters.