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Timber Marketing:

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TimberCorp's years of experience and  knowledge of  the  marketplace enable us  to locate the best markets  for  the sale of  your timber. We will quickly be able to  achieve results in getting full-market  price.

  • Market timing
  • Accurate appraisals
  • Marking sale boundaries
  • Compliance with Best Management Practices
  • Preparation of sales prospectus
  • Solicitation for bids
  • Preparation of sales contract
  • Inspection of harvesting operations
  • Coordination and supervision of reforestation
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Timberland Appraisals:

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TimberCorp is uniquely qualified for appraising timberland.

  • Very few licensed, certified general real estate appraisers are also licensed foresters.
  • Through the appraisal services of TimberCorp, you can get a reliable estimate of the value of your land and timber.
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Timberland Brokerage:

If you want to sell all or part of your timberland, TimberCorp can help.

  • We will expose your land to as many potential buyers as possible, using our subsidiary, Timberland Sales, LLC, and through our own extensive buyers list and by cooperating with other professional brokers throughout the country.
  • Through our real estate brokerage services, we work hard to make sure you get top dollar for your land.
  • Timberland Sales (our real estate marketing company) consisits of five brokers who are all registered foresters and members of the Association of Consulting Foresters
    • If you want to buy timberland, we can work as your agent to help you locate and assess timberland tracts to meet your needs.
    • We have offices in Brandon, Hattiesburg, Monticello, and Starkvil
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Wildlife Management:

TimberCorp can provide professional wildlife management  advice and planning.

Our professionals have educational and practical experience in management related to  common game and non-game  species.

 We specialize in designing management plans tailored to meet your overall tract management  objectives. We  currently administer over 150 hunting leases for our clients.
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Growth Studies:

Understanding growth rates is a key component to scheduling  harvests to maximize financial returns. We can accurately predict future growth rates of individual forest stands and for the entire  property. TimberCorp  uses actual growth data from your tract and/or sophisticated computerized  growth and yield models.
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Timber Inventories:

TimberCorp uses a professional and experienced staff along  with cutting-edge technology to efficiently and  accurately  estimate timber volumes and values.

Our tools include:
  • electronic and laser distance meters
  • digital height measurement
  • data recorders
  • Global Positioning System receivers accurately determines
    • exact acreage
    • plot locations
    • stand boundaries
  • computerized volume processing
 TimberCorp can estimate volumes in the units of your choice including
  • tons
  • board feet
  • cords
  • cubic feet
 We keep all sample plot data separate so we can determine the statistical precision of the inventory. Our system  also lets us compute volumes for any specific area or combination of areas.
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Tax Basis Apprasials:

In order to accurately determine the income tax you  owe from timber and land sales, you must know your  cost basis and timber depletion.

TimberCorp can establish your cost basis and timber depletion currently or retroactively and document values  based on the date of purchase or date of inheritance.
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Forest Investment Counseling:

Timberland can be an excellent investment.

Let us help you analyze a prospective purchase or an existing property to help ensure that you don’t pay too much, sell at the wrong time, or omit needed silvicultural treatments.
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Litigation Support:

TimberCorp has a successful tract record for assisting  landowners, timber companies, and their legal advisors.

 Some legal issues that TimberCorp has testified to:
  • unauthorized timber cutting
  • damage estimates
  • professional conduct
  • contract compliance
  • property partitions
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Land Partitions:

TimberCorp has helped families and co-owners divide properties on a friendly basis as well as for state and federal courts.

TimberCorp is experienced in equitably dividing timber and farmland tracts into separate parcels of equal value and utility. 
The fact that we understand timber and timberland, along with our inventory and mapping technology to accurately estimate acreage and values, puts us in the unique position to fairly divide properties.
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Market Research:

TimberCorp conducts research concerning stumpage values, land values, timber weight equations, as well as supply and demand for timber and nursery seedlings.

TimberCorp has assisted:
  • state agencies
  • large timber companies
  • large landowners
  • timber investors
  • other forestry consulting firms
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TimberCorp coordinates and oversees the reforestation of several thousand acres annually

Our foresters are experienced and trained in the most cost effective practices to ensure the successful establishment of the next forest. We offer “Chevrolet” and “Cadillac” reforestation options based on the goals of our clients.
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Property Inspections:

An annual property inspection is an important tool to make sure that your property is in good growing condition.

Inspections can identify potential problems such as:
  • trespass
  • storm and insect damage
  • dumping, etc.
  • silvicultural needs such as:
    • thinnings
    • harvests
    • herbicide treatments
    • pest management
    • boundary line maintenance, etc.
We recommend that a professional forester inspect your property at least annually.

TimberCorp also offers aerial inspections to quickly and inexpensively detect:
  • pine beetles
  • beavers
  • wind damage
  • other problems that cannot be easily detected by simply riding by a tract
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Computer Mapping:

TimberCorp uses Geographic Information Systems software (GIS),  custom and public domain aerial photography along with GPS data to accurately map your property.

Using the GIS software ArcView 9.0, we can produce electronic and/or printed color maps of your tract that depicts whatever features you desire.
TimberCorp can show roads, food plots, deer stands, archaeological features, buildings, etc.
Once in our system, we can update these maps to reflect additions or improvements to your property over time.
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Lease Negotiations:

Let us "get in the middle" to negotiate the best deal for you. TimberCorp is experienced in negotiating many types of leases including but not limited to:
  • oil and gas
  • seismic permits
  • hunting
  • agricultural
  • rights-of-way
  • easement
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